SHARE- Another Racist Hate Post


Whichever country you were born in or identify as home, it is not wrong to be proud of it. It is not wrong to want the best for that country, including the people in it. We all want the best care, opportunities and support from our Government, and again there is nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong is sharing racist and prejudice posts on Facebook and sharing this kind of information elsewhere.

Time and time again I’ve seen people I know of, know, even a family member share posts, particularly targeting people of Muslim faith, without having any real knowledge of the religion.

I would be less annoyed if I could justify it by telling myself they just do not understand so I can’t get mad at them. However, I can get mad because if you are on Facebook, you are on the internet and if you are on the internet, you have access to vast amounts of information. You should be able to use a search engine and check if there is any evidence  and assess it’s validity and if not, ask someone.

Most times I read about something going on in the world, I go away afterwards and look it up. I don’t do that because I think I am a brainiac and feel the need to learn everything inside out so I can regurgitate it later. I do that because I feel the opposite.

I don’t instantly trust the things people post or the things I see in the news, because everyone, even the BBC is biased.  The other day I saw a post that was about the massacre in Kenya and this time it was challenging news reporting and it was saying how the massacre had been silenced, unreported and nobody cared.

I instantly thought that’s odd. I know the news often ignores significant events abroad but massacres unfortunately are hot topics so I simply went off my Facebook app, clicked on my BBC news app, and there it was, “TOP STORY”. Which also meant that if I could have been bothered to stretch across the settee and press the remote, it would have been the top story on the TV also. It was not hard for me to check that, and I’d encourage everyone else to do the same.

Now I mentioned a family member shared an ignorant post and I called her out on it at the time, we had an argument and she blocked me on Facebook. What irritated me more than anything was she kept the post up, after I’d explained why it was wrong and remained a member of the racist group it was shared from! She was targeting Muslims with a twisted argument that Australian prisons were supporting terrorism by providing Halal meat because the profits of Halal go towards funding the jihad, which to her was a terrorist group.

There were so many things wrong with what she was saying; I didn’t even need to Google half of it to know she was talking out of somewhere that wasn’t her mouth.

Common sense would indicate that funding terrorism would be counterproductive for Australia… Halal does have a zakat tax which is normally 2.5%, which goes towards Muslim charities. The jihad is not a terrorist group; it means ‘the great struggle’. The lesser jihad is about Muslims protecting their right to practice their religion, not attacking or trying to convert people. The greater jihad is about the struggle of people to practice their religion as effectively as they can and be a good person.

After explaining this to her she began quoting sections of the Qur’an to me. I was baffled how she just ignored everything I said and just took a section from a holy text and used it to support her racist argument against it. Incredibly disrespectful but unfortunately not the first time I’ve seen that.

You don’t have to trust me, you can go look this up. As a disclaimer: at university I studied old texts and the language never directly translates to present day English and the meanings of certain words change. The word ‘Gay’ is a prime example. The meanings of words change all the time. You have to read old text in the context of their time, for the Qur’an this is supposed to be in the 600’s. ‘Gay’ started changing meaning around the 19th century so just imagine how many words in the Qur’an have different meanings. Don’t take everything at face value. This is the same in any religious text.

The Muslim faith is a peaceful one. Therefore, Terrorists are not, despite what they say; followers of that religion. Muslims do not identify with what they are doing. Terrorists are fanatics and misinterpret these religious texts for their own motives, as do a lot of people who keep sharing these posts. I am so sick of seeing Facebook groups like ‘Britain First’ and hearing people say “Get out of my country”!

These posts written and shared against Muslims or other faiths, or ethnicities are harmful and hurtful. They’re teaching children to hate people that are different. You are intimidating people  and making them feel unsafe in their home. You’re like anti-Gandhi spreading evil.

As elections are running at the moment, tensions get high around immigration and what makes Britain great. I know for certain it’s not racists…

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