The shoes that chased off the likes


I’m wearing dessert on my feet. I slip my feet into these bad boys and they take me to slipper heaven. I walk past shop windows feeling funkay. Emphasis on the fun.

I uploaded this picture to Instagram recently, very conscious that my shoes weren’t everyone’s cup of tea or foregrounding an overly edited London townhouse. However, I publicised my shoes because they make me happy. My Instagram accounts had a few face lifts and I’ve found myself posting content previously because I know it will get likes, rather than because I like it.

These shoes are my social experiment, testing the theory of whether Instagram really is that basic. Is there really a perfect formula to posts? Over curated selfies, impressive backdrops and teeny tiny food.

After posting this picture the response was slowwww. I usually get a fair few likes but these were trickling through the pipeline like I’d clogged it with my fur-lined floppers. I’d posted the picture around 10pm which wasn’t a totally unsociable time. I waited it out for a while but they were fast confirming my hypothesis. After I gave the more natural likes a chance, I then cracked my fingers and gave my digital marketing skills a whirl to see if people would actively avoid liking this post.

Result: They did! People were actually liking other posts on my account in an effort to avoid my shoes! I found this hilarious.

Evaluation: Overall, my hypothesis was confirmed. There really is a formula to a perfect Instagram post. My shoes appear to be the antithesis of this. There are of course variables that may have effected my results such as people not liking the shoes, me, missing the post or being in a bad mood. However, there was a dramatic difference none the less.

How did it feel? It felt fantastic! There is something freeing about posting something you like for yourself and not caring how many people like it. I plan for all my posts to be things I like. The less likes they get, the better because that means it’s different.

Should we avoid photographing great moments because the lighting is bad? Should we not post pictures of our dogs in case no one cares? Should we not upload a selfie when we felt good that day because we didn’t contour our face?

Share your ideas, share things that catch your eye and share the little things.

I’m starting with my shoes. What are you starting with?

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