Photo Hairstyle



I always want my hair down in pictures. It annoys me that every time I wear my hair differently and someone takes a photo of me I dislike it. I’ve had my hair all pinned up and styled for a fancy event, then pulled it down just for photos. I’ve thought my hair would look good tied back with certain outfits but bailed in case someone pulls a camera out on me.

The funny thing is I like how I look in person. Sometimes I think I look better with my hair pulled off my face and people have told me I do. So why doesn’t this translate to the way I see myself in photos? I don’t know if it is that I’m not photogenic or if it’s in my mind. Every time I’ve attempt to have a hair up picture my eyes immediately go to my forehead. I just see this line, like I have a lumpy head or something. I can’t see it in person but the light just seems to catch it every time… I’ve just held my fingers to my head to check I don’t have a ‘five-head’ (the paranoia is real).

I noticed recently my sister commenting on the same problem. I was flicking through some really nice pictures of her and she kept saying she hated them because of her forehead. It made me wonder if this a common thing for people. Maybe it’s not foreheads for everyone, maybe it’s something else. Maybe you avoid posing on one side or wearing certain clothes because they don’t translate well in selfies.

Whether I have a big forehead, a lumpy forehead or no forehead at all I’m going to make a conscious effort not to hide it. I’m making a promise to myself never to ruin a perfectly good up-do again because someone is taking a picture of me. Even if I don’t like the picture now, I think I might in the future.

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