Should you get a dog before you’re 30?



As a 23 year pupper enthusiast I’m obviously camp yes! If you don’t know already I have a “Minature” Labradoodle called Harvey. He also goes by many other aliases including Wink, Harvoo, Harvard-Wean etc.

I adore dogs. I completely baby them and I greet them before their human compadre. My family dog Jake, who passed away a year ago was the light of my life. He had moles, a sunken back from his fat belly, his hair had thinned, his bottom lip used to droop and reveal two teeth. He sounds beautiful right? Glad you agree!

You’re probably thinking, that’s all well and good but is it sensible to get a dog when you’re young? Something sensible my boyfriend and I did was make sure Harvey was “hypo-allergenic”. Ironically we’re both allergic to dogs but we suffer through our pain for the lurve. Our search became more specific and we kept coming back to Labradoodles.

A dog should never be an impulse buy. Choosing the right breed can be tricky. You might love Great Danes for instance but that doesn’t mean you’re the right owner for one. You need consider your lifestyle and foreseeable living spaces. You need to be realistic and not make false promises to yourself. Will you really walk them 2 hours every day? Are you actually going to groom their coat when it means coating your living room in the process?

That being said people come to pet Harvey all the time and tell me they would love to have a dog. I can’t help but think ‘why not get one then?’ I know we get full-time jobs, have children and travel amongst other things. I think a common misconception is that a dog can’t fit around that. Dogs are adaptable and there are lots of options available to make sure your furry friend is happy. Stop saying it wouldn’t be fair on the dog and start asking yourself how you could make it fair. Can you afford doggy day care? Can you afford a dog walker? Do you have a support network?

It’s true not everyone is in a place of their life for a dog. Maybe you will have to wait till you’re 30, maybe even later. A lot of people would say getting a dog whilst you’re young is a bad idea but I’ve found it to be the opposite.

We’ve had time to train Harvey and get him into a routine. We had money set aside to care for him properly. He’s on the best pet insurance which was lucky because he’s been a sickly dog; he’s such a regular at the vets we walk in to a choir of “Welcome back Harvey!” .

As many of you know I set up a dog boarding business last summer and I don’t know if that would’ve happened if I didn’t have Harvey. He puts a smile on the faces of everyone who meets him and he’s just crackers. For all the hassle that comes with having a dog he is 100% worth it.

I must stress, If you are thinking of getting a dog they basically become your child. Harvey’s a full-time commitment and accompanies me on most of my dates. My boyfriend is regularly rushing back to his flat to limit anytime that he’s left alone. Day trips need to be organised in advance so Harvey can get a sitter arranged, if he can’t come along. We can’t just spontaneously wake up and decide to go to Paris. He’s always in our thoughts and always needs something. However, if you really do love dogs more than life itself then you’ll fine a way to make it work, no matter how old you are.



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