Have you ever looked at male fashion models?


No, this is not an edited photo of one guy, this is a photo of a catwalk show for Louis Vuitton.

I was thrilled when my boyfriend started showing an interest in getting some new clothes recently. Not because I want to reinvent him, he has a great personal style but because I love shopping!

After he was huddled over his laptop for less than ten minutes he suddenly lost interest and I felt deflated. Why get me all hyped like that?

I tried to claw back his enthusiasm but he said none of the things we looked at would look right on him. I thought he just wasn’t being very diverse in his taste but he explained it was the fit of the clothes.

I don’t know why but I’ve always assumed shopping would be easier for guys. I figured clothes fit them like a glove and the ‘it looks good only on the model’ dilemma didn’t exist for them.

He pointed out that all the models had the same physique, similarly to women models. The men were all skinny, straight up and down with sunken cheeks. They all looked identical and sick. I’ve seen this before but not on men for some reason.

I know men can have anorexia the same as women but I didn’t realise this influence was there.

I’m obviously used to seeing men in perfume adverts which is targeted towards women. You know the ones, tiny white speedos, thick tanned thighs, broad chest (smiles off into the horizon)… Strange that women are advertised men with muscle and men are marketed skeletons.

I just find it so strange I was completely oblivious to this! I also find it disturbing men are encourage to have sunken cheeks so their heads look like skulls. This was the one feature that remained across the board.

There’s work being done towards a better representation of female models but I’m thinking there’s a bigger problem for men. Male models normally play second fiddle to female models. I bet you can name more female models than male. As a result, I think not only are they getting pushed into the backgrounds but so are the problems in this industry.

Why is nobody talking about this?


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