A tooth whitener that actually works!


Hola, Bonjour and Kon’nichiwa to all fellow tea drinkers, coffee guzzlers and curry connoisseurs.

If you live your life similarly to me, whereby you and caffeine live in synergy you’ll probably have similar concerns to me. No, not cancer. I’m more superficial than that – teeth whiteness!

My body hums daily with that warm glow that Yorkshire tea provides. It runs through my veins and naturally has touched my heart. I refuel at the caffeine pump that is my kettle frequently throughout the day.

At the end of the day I brush my teeth and sometimes I think they look white, other times I think they’re looking a bit more egg shell – know what I mean? So, I’ve tried to come up with some solutions throughout the years to avoid looking like the American cartoons of British people, with teeth that look like wood shavings.

A recent and inexpensive tip I will let you in on is investing in a silicon straw. This isn’t for everyone because you bet I feel awkward in the office, sat at my desk with a straw hanging out the side of my mouth. However, I’ve got used to the added addition to my New York souvenir mug (not that I’ve been, I’m just a poser).

Once you get over the weird feeling of hoovering up your adult beverage like a five year old, the pro’s out weigh the cons. Unless you have a low tolerance for embarrassing yourself. Something I do not!

I got the idea of the straw from my sister who had her teeth professionally whitened at the dentist – oo la la. The dentist recommended that she got a straw so I hopped on that free advice. I got a multi-coloured pack of silicon straws because I like to mix it up, which came with a little cleaning brush for that sweetest hygiene. They’re easy to wash, they don’t disintegrate or get weird bends in. If I can’t have silicon in my chest, I’m going to have it in my mouth! (Editor note: I don’t know why she said that).

Anyway, tooth whitener! So yeah, tooth whitening toothpaste I’ve found to be pretty useless. I think it’s probably better utilised after you’ve had a teeth whitening treatment. I reckon half the reason people see results with the tooth paste is a placebo effect. You want it to work so you spend a bit more time brushing and you brush more thoroughly.

I attempted to try those gum mold leave in gel things. That was a bust. I melted the mold rather than “warming it”, as to loosen the mold so I could fit it around my teeth. As with the mold, I didn’t want to get burnt twice so I wasn’t willing to fork out the money for a replacement. Therefore, I’ve got to say I can’t be an accurate source on the effectiveness of this method.

I’ve actually had my teeth whitened cosmetically at a beauty salon forever ago. So far back in fact, I believe I didn’t even drink tea at the time. For so much hassle I was underwhelmed with the result. Maybe you’re supposed to have multiple treatments? I just found it made my teeth sensitive and I was £100+ less richer.

My secret, my winner, my actually cheaper solution is the Crest 3D White Professional Effects strips. This costs around £40 and you’re supposed to do the treatment twice a year max. It just feels like sticking sellotape to your teeth… I imagine…

I normally just stick them on and do chores around my apartment or read. They’re hassle free and if you use them right there are no nasty side effects. Best of all, they actually work! I was skeptical they would work after my previous experiences but I can see the difference and other people can too – that’s when you know it’s legit.

So now I can drink tea like an animal and keep my teeth looking deceptively white. Boo-ya!



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