The Gucci loafer trend


The iconic “horse bit” embellishment, the high quality leather, the slim shape. It’s safe to say the Gucci Jordaan loafer is a classic investment.

Who doesn’t love Gucci? The eccentric style, the innovative detail and the clashing colours… Although, these are missing from this shoe, right?

Gucci is my favourite designer but I don’t own any of their pieces yet. I’m 23 and I have a Labradoodle to feed, along with myself. When the time comes that I can afford to purchase a piece of heaven, I want it to have some of that pazzaz!

The most identifiable feature of the loafer is of course the buckle, which has been a part of Gucci for 60 years. I appreciate that it’s classic but I don’t think I could part with £540 at this stage of my life for understated. For a months rent I’d at least like a pattern of sorts.

That’s not to say I have not been bewitched with the magic of this trend. I’ve had these babies sitting in my sidebar for weeks, keeping me company. The association is intoxicating.

Every fashion blogger worth her salt has a pair of these. I keep getting told to INVEST. I see them pairing with every outfit and I half convinced myself I should slide back into my overdraft as silkily as these would slide on my feet.

I needed a pair of loafers like these, high quality and practical. I searched high and low for the closest replica because I wasn’t willing to give up on my dream that easily. The closest I could find is Dune Guilt loafers…

The second image is their slides but you get the idea. Pretty damn close right!? What’s really good is they’re 7.2 x cheaper! Mind blown?

They’re also good quality leather, a similar shape and the buckle isn’t a million miles away, unlike some of the other options I was perusing. Where there’s a good shoe, there’s a good replica. Sorry Gucci.

The Guilt loafers are guilt free at only £75. Pricey enough to justify the quality but not so expensive you have an asthma attack – peace to fellow inhaler puffers.

I’m smitten with my pair. I feel like I’m tricking the public into thinking they’re Gucci because I’m strutting about in them as if they are. I keep gawking down at them, perfectly content deceiving myself.

If you’re obsessing like I was and need a quick fix that doesn’t feel too “fast fashion”, I’d highly recommend this alternative.

I feel like I prematurely used my guilt free pun so I’ll just end things here…


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