Girls who don’t lift


Do you even gym if you don’t lift?

I felt like I wasn’t a real gym bunny if I didn’t incorporate weights into my workout.

I’d put off the weights. Yes, they totally help you tone and you feel invincible when you realise you’re repping more but… I don’t like lifting.

I’m not afraid of hard work. I like rowing, I’ll run till my legs fall off and I’ve pulled muscles stretching. I just don’t like lifting. I did it for a few months and I’ll probably do it again but it’s not my thing.

There’s this annoying divide in the gym which is laid out physically and mentally. The weights are always in a totally separate area to the cardio equipment. This also often creates a male – female divide.

I’m glad there are girls who lift,Β they bravely cross that barrier, pick up the weights and show the boys they can do it too.

What I don’t like is this cross over has created a division among the girls who lift and the cardio queens.

In my old gym there was a girl who was in there everyday around the same time as me, she did solely weights and I did mostly cardio. She’d say to me “I don’t know how you can just do cardio! It’s so boring!” I’d be thinking “Cardio is the interesting bit…” I totally respected what she did but that respect didn’t feel reciprocated.

She did her own thing and I did mine, then I slowly started moving over to the weights when she left. I swear sometimes I did them just because I felt like I was letting girls down if I didn’t.

I struggle listening to music when I’m doing weights which I think is part of the problem. My earphones always fall out and I don’t like wearing big bulky headphones that sit on my head. So I end up doing them in silence and counting down the reps till my death…

I don’t even want to make excuses for why I don’t like it though! I just can’t get into it.

So if you’re a girl who lifts, please send some support towards your cardio sisters because we respect you, we just don’t understand you.


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