My Landlord is a celebrity chef


I live on an iconic street in Edinburgh, New Town. If you’re not familiar with Edinburgh, tenant flats are kind of the norm. The buildings in New Town however, are a little more grand because New Town was designed by Jame Craig to attract aristocracy back into Edinburgh.

Before I moved here, my boyfriend, my dog and myself used to drive to New Town to walk around the impressive houses. The high ceiling windows open up a portal into a world of fancy antique furniture, imposing bookcases, worldly artifacts and amazing paintings. It’s no wonder my street is splattered with art galleries.

Dundas Street Galleries

On the first day I moved here I was welcomed to the neighbourhood by passing residence and invited over to our neighbours house for scones and a glass of red wine. Red wine which I have now claimed as my personal favourite. It’s organic and from Waitrose oo la la.

City living is usually pretty antisocial so I found the friendliness a bit disconcerting. You can’t win can you! I think I found it… cliquey?

I’m just a renter so I’m basically just a New Town poser for now. I was so surprised I could afford to rent a flat here. If this were London, this street would be a mere dream but oddly it’s a reality.

The main reason I moved here wasn’t because of the location or the fact it’s a 10 minute walk from my office. Sexy, I know! It was actually because it has a private garden for my dog – which is notoriously difficult to get in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any grass much to his disappointment so we had to buy him a Porch Potty!


When you live in New Town you also get access to a private garden (which you have to pay for). It’s like an enclosed forest and passers by regularly try their luck on the gates to get inside (you need a key to get in).

The flat itself is a one bed flat, the toilet is separate from the shower room and I like to call my kitchen “New York Style” because it’s pretty much a hole in the wall. I won’t tell you how much it costs because we don’t talk about financials darling – but cheap it ain’t.

My landlord is a celebrity chef, Tony Singh. Unfortunately, he doesn’t cook for me…

I wanted to live here for a long time and now I’ve done it, I annoyingly dream of living in a real house instead. Mostly because my kitchen is a joke. I’m ashamed to say it, I’m such a little shit really. I should be grateful and enjoy what I have but that’s totally my nature to always want the next best thing.

I don’t regret getting an apartment here, although I’m dreading winter coming (don’t GOT quote me). The windows in old tenement buildings are single glazed and the buildings aren’t well insulated.

Anyway, I’m going to stop moaning and try to enjoy living here while it lasts. I live in the city center of Edinburgh. I have all the shops, restaurants and comedy clubs on my door step. No takeaway won’t deliver to me and I have a Tesco two doors down. I have a pretty sweet set up all things considered.

I’m making an effort to appreciate what I have this month. Nothing is perfect.




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