Do the Olsen Twins have life sussed?



The Olsen twins are notorious for their delicious, intriguing handle on privacy!

A word we don’t often associate with ourselves these days which is makes it a hot commodity.

I’ve been reassessing how I present myself on social media lately. There’s normally a few different factors I consider. How would an employer perceive this? Is this offensive? Will people gossip about this?

Social media is so ingrained with our lives that I see tag lines like “my life in pictures” and extreme over sharing… We all like a bit of gossip but I’ve found myself feeling too close for comfort to others’ intimate moments.

When you can see a whole person’s relationship history, building of a family and career development from start to finish you feel a bit creepy…

Mary-Kate and Ashley being in the spotlight obviously felt this more intensely and early on being child stars. They’re not on social media, they’re selective about the interviews they do and they’re constantly dodging the cameras.

Despite trying to hide their lives, it’s increased the interest in them. Pictures of them are still posted all over social media, they’re still a popular Google search and journalists still publishing tiny bits of information about them. An article from this year was literally headlined “Smoke break! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen enjoy a cigarette outside“!

The sisters claim a large reason they hide is because the more information you put out there, the more it has the potential to get twisted. When you release information about yourself, you’re no longer in control of it. It enters the domain of public property where it can be twisted and manipulated.

They’re right. Someone could easily find something I said when I was fifteen and bring it up. Everything I’ve put online is both a dialogue and a picture of who I am as a person; Whether I think it’s reflective or not. Anything filter through another source gets distorted in some way.

I’ve taken a step back from social media (mainly Facebook) and changed up content I do share. Honestly, I do feel a bit disconnecting from the community of sharing and knowing everything but it’s also kind of nice. I don’t want to share everything that happens to me. Good or bad.

There is something in privacy… There’s a sense of power, things feel a bit more precious and sacred not being public knowledge.

I’ve been M.I.A now for about two months and I’ve had people looking for me. Not people who are super close to me either.

My Snapchat stories are now watched more than ever. People like my pictures without me trying. My close friends have been interrogated of my whereabouts. It’s ironic the more I want people not to care about me the more they seem to; in a superficial sense of course – but this isn’t the purpose.

Like the Olsen Twins, I don’t want to be found…

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