Haircut Conundrum


I’ve always thought long hair is beautiful. Many cultures and social groups agree with me. Then I got bored of my long hair and had a dilemma on my hands. I didn’t want to dye my hair. I’d tried that in the past and It went to rye. It would also be expensive to do a dramatic colour change and I didn’t have the cashola for that.Β I wanted a dramatic change but I didn’t want to lose my long hair. I thought about a full fringe but every time I’d attempted that it the past it looked odd and I just got flashbacks of baby photos. So that left me with the option of nothing…

I contemplated cutting my hair short. My friend told me her mum always said to her ‘cut your locks, cut your looks’. A mantra that was now instilled in my mind too. I didn’t want to cut my hair and look like a boy. Who was I kidding though? The only boys that had the bob I was contemplating were the 90’s Hanson brothers who sang MMMBop. If you don’t know, you should know. It’s a long hair style as far as short hair goes (I feel like a pun got lost in there). Anyway! My point was it was silly of me to think short hair = boy.

I booked a hair appointment at a new salon in Edinburgh, a risk in itself. I went back and forth on the idea for days leading up to my appointment. I looked at pictures of celebrities with short hair to psyche myself up and hair fails to scare myself off again. My favourite source of encouragement was AmΓ©lie, the Parisian movie. Not that I could ever see myself cutting a fringe half way up my forehead. So avant garde!

When my hair was finally cut above my shoulders I loved it more than I thought. There’s a rush you get from drastically changing your appearance. I felt like I could run away to Paris and drive off into the distance on a moped. The most surprising thing was I felt more feminine because I felt in control of the way I looked.

That’s what they called Girl Power!

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