A plea to invest in good active wear


I split my leggings in the gym. I flashed my pants to the world. It was mortifying and a lesson learnt.

When I first started going to gym 6 years ago,  I was wearing cheap leggings that were a thin material. After half an hour on the cross trainer I went into the changing rooms to check my phone and realised my leggings had completely split down the middle of my ass. Super kiddy looking underwear totally exposed! That’s not even the worst part…

The cross trainer was opposite the weights sections which had a massive mirror covering the wall that had been behind me. Who’s normally filling out that section of the gym? A bunch of men.

I’d picked a cross trainer so that I had my back to them to avoid awkward eye contact which clearly backfired….

So, I called my mum from the changing room toilet to come and save me. I’ve never skimped out on paying for good leggings since!

When it comes to active wear leggings are where I go all out. Wacky patterns, colours and edgy designs. They work with any exercise, they’re practical and look good. As you can imagine after my experience, nothing grinds my gears like seeing cheap material disguise itself as gym leggings.

You cannot, I repeat cannot get good gym clothes from Primark. Stop it, don’t say another word, I’m not having it. I keep seeing “gym wear” appear in high-street clothing stores, taking advantage of the Instagram gym hype. If you really go to the gym though, you’ll understand why these clothes are usually a waste of money.

Active wear is designed to be breathable, flexible and absorb sweat. You can feel the difference between main stream fitness clothing companies like Adidas, Nike, Reebok compared with high street gym wear. They come with a higher price tags, partly because of the name, sure but more importantly because they’re using better materials.

Admittedly, big sports companies can also sell low quality clothes with their brand name across it so you have to be selective. The best piece of advice I can give is to simply feel the material. Does it feel substantial? Can you see your hand through it?

You wouldn’t buy a pair of see-through leggings so don’t buy a top made of see through material. It won’t absorb your sweat and it will need replacing rapidly.


I’ve seen people get bits of their tops caught on machines because they wore an impractical designs (the ripped looking trend for one)! I’ve seen people running in fashion trainers which is terrible for your feet. If you ran in Converse for example, the shoe has no cushioned sole or internal support so you could get fallen arches.

This has happened to me, just from walking around excessively in flat shoes. Fallen arches is when the tendons in your feet that form that natural arch you have on the bottom of you foot becomes damaged. It’s incredibly painful and uncomfortable. I don’t think my foot has ever felt the same since…

You should invest your money in a few good quality pieces of gym wear. Vest tops, leggings and running trainers are where I’d start. Brands like Fabletics and Gym Shark are also good quality, asides from the usual big names. When isn’t quality better than quantity?

Happy shopping!




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