The Naked Dress: Yay or Nay?

Image result for carrie bradshaw naked dress

The Naked dress has taken on a new meaning. Can you get more naked than naked? Apparently you can!

As Sex and the City was notorious for coining phrases and just being generally innovative – Doi! It’s unsurprising the concept of the naked dress was etched into our brains as Carrie Bradshaw’s notorious bus advert dress.

If you haven’t been kept up to date, naked now no longer refers to the colour of the fabric but now to sheer fabric. Groundbreaking – I know!

Here’s bae aka. Leandra Medine aka. Malcom Gladwell giving us a demo:

Image result for leandra medine naked dress

Personally, I think I grew out of wearing sheer a long time ago. I think the trend of sheer crop tops over bandeau bras wiped me out.

That doesn’t stop us analysing the trend though! Something I do commend Leandra on doing right here is the high-waisted underwear underneath. That definitely saved the look from a make or break moment. The sunglasses also cleverly hide something. Eyes are something very personal and intimate so I like the artistry of wearing sunglasses. Although, I may totally be projecting and she could have been doing it to hide from awkward stares. Both plausible.

The sheer dress on a scale of 1 to sheer is one of the sheerest, purely because it’s so overt. A sheer top could be cute. A sheer skirt appears a mistake but a sheer dress – oh mama you’re being sheerless!

That’s what makes it an unrealistic look for me. I can’t walk into work in that, I can’t walk into a restaurant in that, mate I can’t out my door in that. I don’t want to invite that kind of attention on myself. Perhaps in New York it works, in a sea of odd balls but not in Edinburgh. The status quo is thick coats and tartan scarfs.

I do admire the balls of any woman who rocks a sheer naked dress. You’d have to be one confident individual who knows what she wants to wear. Not sure where you’d wear it but good for you!

Maybe the look works better in a different environment. The beach perhaps? I’ve worn kaftan’s over my bikini before with a net look so the sheer dress seems like a hop skip and a jump away. Although, I don’t know if it’s cheating to pigeon hole this look as a beach look. You’re normally pretty naked there anyway…

I feel like the sheer naked dress compared to the Carrie Bradshaw naked dress has crossed a line. I might have worn Carrie’s dress because sure, it’s a bit naughty but it’s still covering the goods. I don’t think I’ll ever need anyone to see my underwear.

What do you think? Would you wear a naked dress?




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