City living avec Dogue


What is it like living in a city with a dog? I currently live in Edinburgh with my Labradoodle, Harvey. I did worry that maybe a city environment wasn’t appropriate for him but Edinburgh is really dog friendly.

There are so many dog friendly bars and restaurants we really are spoilt for choice. Harvey’s got to chill on sofas at wine bars, lie in front of log fires at a pubs and sneak chips from under the table at restaurants. I can’t speak for every city but I know Glasgow also has a wide selection.

A really helpful tool for finding these places is the Dugs n Pubs app. I haven’t been paid to endorse this, I just believe it’s a great idea. The app shows you dog friendly places in your location and you’d be surprised how many there are. There are even boutiques on there! It saves you the awkward situation of asking if a place is dog friendly and gives you the confidence to bring your best pal with you everywhere.

I thought finding an apartment to rent that allowed dogs and had a garden would be difficult. It kind of was but not as difficult as I’d premeditated. The first flat I’d applied to stay in accepted my application but I may have just been lucky. The real difficulty was finding something affordable with a private enclosed garden. Living in a city full of tenement flats, gardens are hard to come by.

The flat my boyfriend stayed in during his studies was on the first floor. Which meant every time Harvey needed the toilet he’d have to run him up and down the stairs. He’d then have to hunt around for patch of grass that belonged to council. This also became a chore for me when I visited. This was not pleasant at 7am with a hangover or after a sleepless night. So that’s something to keep in mind if you don’t have a ground floor flat or a house.

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony area then there is another option for you. There is a product called The Porch Potty, which again I have not been paid to advertise. Just a gal, handing out free advise here. The Porch Potty is a raised tray that has real or fake grass. It has a drainage hole underneath and can even have a little red scented fire-hydrant for encouragement. It’s not the cheapest thing but it’s cheaper than getting a garden in Edinburgh, that’s for sure.

Harvey’s has the best of both worlds. He lives in a city but summers in a Dog Hotel bordering a forest. He’s a scatty dog in and out of the city. He doesn’t seem to be affected by the noise and crowds but that’s not to say all dogs would be the same. Sure, ideally I’d like Harvey to have his own giant field, with nothing dangerous around for miles but I work with what I have. There are lots of dogs in all cities and great places to walk them.

Living in a city shouldn’t mean living without a dog. Cities are exciting, inspiring and full of opportunity. So why shouldn’t your dog experience that too?


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