Resolutions & Revelations

new year new me.jpg

New year, new me.

I feel like I should have a problem with that statement but I don’t. My life is constantly in flux, January 1st or not. If you want to mentally check into change at the beginning of the new year, then that’s fine with me.

After travelling an excessive amount towards the end of 2017, I finally touched down in BHX wanting to kiss English soil and feeling like I can’t win with myself. I was desperate to get away and within a blink of an eye I was desperate to get back.

I already knew that I had a bad habit of wishing my life away but I didn’t realise just how far I had left the brain building, took an Uber and ended up somewhere foreign from where I really was at the time. Always looking forward so far that I’m not in the present anymore or want to be.

I think I used to use that as a coping mechanism for when things were bad in my life. If I saw a long rough period, I’d focus on the future so much so that I didn’t have to experience the present. Kind of handy until the present turns good, passes by in seconds and you don’t feel the high that you were anticipating.

It’s hard for me to accept the present. The present is scary, the present hurts and the present is reality. However, the present is just tiny fragments of the future and the future I can change. I can set things in place for a better tomorrow but also a better morning, day and evening.

I don’t have one new years resolution. I know that’s supposed to be setting myself up for disaster, having a list of things I’d like to improve on. I think my goals all play into one central goal, which is always my goal, even if I lose sight of it sometimes.

I just want to be happy – not all the time, not constantly ecstatic but just as a whole to be in a better mood than not.

Part of my list is to be more active and eat better. YES I’M GENERIC GET OVER IT! So much comes with that which is why I think it will forever be on peoples wish lists. A healthy lifestyle makes you happier, more energetic, confident and feel just more human.

So please join me in my mental reboot and lets enjoy another year on our mind blowing planet!

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