Is there a socially acceptable age limit to friend zoning?


I’m not going to say I’ve never done it. I mean, isn’t it the nicer way to let someone down?

I’ve never had the guts to directly say to someone “I just don’t fancy you…” Do I have to be a bitch to be kind?

My fiance used to get frustrated with me when guys would hit on me because instead of being blunt and saying I didn’t want to date them, I’d get out my wheel of excuses and start spinning them off. “I have a boyfriend”, “I think you’d like my friend better”, “I don’t think you’d like me”, until they just get weaker and weaker and I gradually disappear into myself like a receding hairline.

Something I do not do however is string people along – at least not intentionally. Sure I’m a bit weak saying no but the point gets across eventually. Β I’ve never been a fan of taking advantage of someone’s affection for me. I don’t like to leave someone lingering with the promise of romance like a perpetual tease.

I have some friends who are shameless about it. They’ll openly flirt, make suggestive jokes and crawl all over their victim like a black widow babyyyyyy! Sorry…

That’s a good song.

I think some of my friends have grown out of it for the most part. Possibly because now boys more clued up to girlish trickery and don’t allow themselves to play the part of the prize plum. It’s tricky to work out a person’s intentions, especially when you come from an open honest position, your counterpart won’t always match that. I think the older people get this actually worsens because people have had more time to be hurt, or perfect their bad habits.

I’ve known people get strung along for years, some still very much attached to their host. Chronic cases.

I don’t think it’s something that ever will fully go away but what do you think?

Have you every led any one on?