Fish Oil: A Cure for Depression

fish oilFact or Fiction?

Bleurgh how to start an article about depression and medication…

Well, I’m ignoring this as a political hot potato and just talking to you about fish oil as a treatment, for the sake of not treading on egg shells and talking about other food items.

So if you haven’t hear already fish oil supplements may help ease symptoms of depression, thanks to omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. People with depression may have low blood levels of the brain chemicals EPA and DHA, which has been linked to depression and can be found in fish oil.

 To get the levels of EPA/DHA that would be beneficial for depression you’d have to eat a lot of fish; like salmon on salmon on salmon – that’s expensive. However, it won’t hurt adding more fish to your diet such as sardines, herring and trout. Fish oil supplements that contain these chemicals are not the cheapest thing on the market but they’re more cost effective and less hassle than becoming a full blown pescetarian.
The Pharmepa fish oil supplements area good option as they contain both. If you were interested in these supplements you first need to buy the restore capsules that are supposed to retain your chemical levels to normal and then the maintain capsules that you know, maintain your levels. Other fish oils capsules that are cheaper may not contain EPA and DHA – so read the description!
I was skeptical when I first heard about fish oil curing depression. It still isn’t a “cure” and it hasn’t had enough research to say it’s solidly a solution for helping symptoms. However, I was incredibly surprised by the feedback customer’s had left on the reviews. People saying “it’s better than Prozac!” Most of the comments in fact were from people seeking to help their depression. I’m not sure what surprised me more, the openness or the fact that everyone had bought it for the same reason.
As with any medication this could possibly be a placebo effect; placebo or not it seems to be helping people. In comparison with other medications for depression, fish oil is natural and has less side affects than medication your GP would give you. Antidepressants are well documented to make people feel worse in the first two weeks of taking the medication than they felt before. They’re also reported to make people feel numb, rather than happy or sad – I’m not sure that’s better. However, fish oil’s recommended to be taken with other treatments and it isn’t a “happy pill”. The point to it is for it to act like a mood stabiliser, so the lows aren’t so low.
I know people who take fish oil capsules daily who believe it really helps them so I’m passing on this little nugget of info. There’s lots of information floating around out there but since this is just fish oil, I’d advise just giving it a go. A bit of extra fish oil in your life can’t hurt and life’s too short to be blue.
Now… How to end an article on depression…
fish swish bish?